Senior Pastor


Pastor Willie J. Brown was born in Lafayette, LA on December 4th, 1967 and grew-up in and finished high school in Baytown, TX.  He received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior when he was 17 and has been preaching the Gospel from 1991 to present.  He is married to Mrs. Franziska Schmidt and they have two sons Jordan who is 26 and Isaiah who is 15.  Pastor Brown earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management from Southern Illinois University in 1991 and his Masters degree in Health Services Administration from Central Michigan University in 1999. He joined the United States Navy in February of 1987 and has served his country while serving God and the Body of Christ for 35 plus years so far. He served as a Lay Leader and Minister aboard aircraft carriers USS Independence (CV-62) and USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) where he witnessed hundreds of souls saved during deployments.He Pastored Courtney Mctureous Gospel Fellowship located in Okinawa, Japan from 2004 to 2006.  Pastor Brown served as an Assistant Pastor from 2008 to 2010 at Living Word Worship Center while stationed in Sydney, Australia for two years.

He returned from serving a one year tour in Baghdad, Iraq where he assisted the Iraqi military in building their first Military Healthcare System which now supports Iraqi Service Members and their families.  He completed 67 missions in the “Red Zone” during his deployment and received the “Bronze Star Medal” for his meritorious contributions during the war.  More importantly, he preached the Gospel nearly every week in the country of Iraq.  Pastor Brown witnessed Iraqis, Americans and Coalition service members alike turn their hearts to Jesus in three separate revivals during rocket and mortar attacks from insurgents.  He preached regularly in two different International Zone Gospel fellowship services while singing with the Multi-National Voices and Instruments of Praise.  July 2010 to 2013, he served as Comptroller & Director of Resource Management, Naval Hospital Pensacola.  May 2013 to 2016, he served as the Director for Administration at Naval Hospital Beaufort.  He was ordained a Pastor at Love House Ministries summer of 2017.  After retiring in November 2018 from Naval Hospital Jacksonville, he now serves as a part-time Healthcare Administrator Professor with Bellevue University.  He’s a member of the Go-To-Nations BOD as of October 2021. Having visited 70 plus countries around the world, Pastor Brown was ordained Senior Pastor of New Covenant Ministries on 7 November 2021.