Intercessory Prayer Ministries

Our Intercessory Prayer Ministry Team specializes in prayer and standing in the gap on behalf of others and their needs. We sincerely believe that God has called each of us to pray and intercede at some level or another within our church, community and city at large. As Intercessors, we are now a Royal Priesthood and a Kingdom of Priests because Jesus now sits at the right hand of the Father forever interceding for us. God has called us to partner with Him in interceding for others (Heb 7:25 and 1 Pet 2:9).  We form a battle rhythm of constant, corporate, and concentrated prayer and intercession that prepares us to experience the manifest Presence and Glory of God. Lastly, intercessory prayer pushes back the forces of darkness out of our communities and provokes God’s Kingdom to come and invade our cities.